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  • Kelly Ann Jones

Working from home as an artist with the Art Planner

A printable art planner

I wanted to create a simple planner for myself, just for my art. I already had a planner for my everyday use while working from home but I wanted the new one to be something I could refer to as an extension to my existing planner.

That is how the Art Planner came about. In this blog post you will get to take a look at the finished product and see what's inside.

The contents of the Art Planner

The cover page This is just a simple page with the title and a splash of colour

The goals page I wanted to keep this page a simple as I could and divided it into four boxes. Having four main goals is just the right number I think because having too many can feel overwhelming. However, you can always print off extra pages if you want to include more goals.

The yearly overview page I kept this page simple too and divided the page with twelve boxes. On this page you can fill in specific tasks on certain months. For example if you create seasonal products you could write in this space, “Start creating products for Christmas”.

The monthly overview page On this page you can write down all the things that you have going on in that month and list any projects along with deadlines. Each of these pages are undated so you can print and use them over and over again.

The weekly overview page

This is another simple page with one box for each day of the week. You can print a new one at the beginning of each week and keep track of what's going on each day.

The to do list

We all have to do lists don't we? Well I do anyway. You can jot everything that comes into your head and make note of things that may need doing in the future. You can also write a deadline date and have a box to tick on completion.

Notes and ideas This page is for any ideas or sketches you need to do in the brainstorming stage. You can print as many pages as you need.

The budget planner This page will help you understand your budget better and keep your finances under control.

Expense tracker Anything that you buy that is related to your art can go on this page so that you can track where your money is going.

Marketing and promotion. I kept this page super simple so you can use it as a reminder while you go about your business. Sometimes we can lose track so going back to this page will let you know where you need to concentrate your efforts. It also has an evaluation section to record what went well and what didn't.

The wish list This is my favourite page. Sometimes when I am creating I get inspired to use a certain tool or product so I write it down in this section. I also make a note of any supplies that I am running low on. I am constantly referring to this page so I will never forget to order what I need or want.

The back page This is the same as the front page without the words.

You get your copy of the 23 page Art Planner today by clicking the button below and within minutes it will be in your inbox ready to print and use.

I hope that you love the Art Planner as much as I do.

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