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Why printable greetings cards

So lately, I have been working on a new product line for my Etsy shop. I am now excited to say that the new range of printable greetings cards are now available.

Why printable greetings cards?

  1. Buying printable greetings cards saves so much time in the long run. Just think about it:

    1. You have to physically go to the card shop (or even more than one)

    2. Then you have to look through the selection they have in store

    3. Sometimes pay the extortionate prices for the cards

  2. The printable card is usually blank inside, so you can personalise the message as you wish.

  3. You buy the printable card from the comfort of your home without having to traipse around the shops looking for the right one.

  4. Once you have bought your printable card you can print it as many times as you wish.

  5. As I said earlier, traditional cards can cost a fortune so buying digitally will save you money in the long run.

  6. The process is easy. It is just a matter of downloading the file and printing it onto cardstock.

How to get started with printable greetings cards

  1. Make yourself a cuppa, grab your phone and start browsing. Search for the design and card that suits your needs.

  2. Order and pay for your card.

  3. The card will then be sent to your email address that you provided when buying the card.

  4. Save the file so that you have access to it in the future. I usually save mine on a USB thumb drive so it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

  5. Open the file.

  6. Print it onto cardstock or paper of your choice.

  7. Follow any instructions for cutting and folding.

  8. Write your message inside and get ready to send.

Job Done!

Here are the cards that are available in my Etsy shop at the moment. There will be more added over the coming weeks. If there are any types of cards that you would like to see in the shop then please leave a comment and I will see what I can do for you.


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