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Why I sell my art on eBay (and why you might too!)

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As an artist for over 10 years, I've tried various platforms to sell my work – from drop shipping sites to Shopify and Etsy. While I spent three years on Etsy, sales were slow. This year, I decided to consolidate and focus solely on eBay.

Initially, I only sold everyday items like clothes and home decor and never considered selling my art on eBay. I simply didn't think it would be a good fit. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Within weeks of listing my paintings, I started making weekly sales, exceeding what I earned in three years on Etsy. Now, with just one platform to manage, I have more time to focus on what I love – painting! This allows me to create more art and list even more pieces on eBay.

But why eBay? Here are the top benefits I've experienced, not just for selling art, but for both buying and selling on this platform:

For Shoppers:

  • Massive selection: Find anything from everyday essentials to unique treasures, including collectibles and vintage items.

  • Competitive prices: Compare prices and score great deals with auctions and multiple sellers offering the same item.

  • Buyer protection: Shop with confidence knowing eBay safeguards you against fraudulent sellers and ensures you receive items as described.

  • Convenience: Shop from the comfort of your home, browse anytime, and get purchases delivered directly to your door.

  • Support small businesses: Many sellers are individual artists and small businesses, allowing you to directly support their creative endeavors.

  • Sustainable shopping: Give pre-loved items a second life and reduce your environmental impact by buying second-hand.

For Sellers:

  • Global reach: Gain access to millions of potential buyers worldwide, significantly increasing your customer base.

  • Flexible selling: Choose between auction-style listings for potentially higher prices or fixed-price listings for faster sales.

  • Cost-effective: Compared to other platforms, eBay's fees are relatively low, making it an affordable way to sell your products.

  • Easy management: Create and manage listings directly through the user-friendly platform.

  • Brand building: Gain exposure for your art and establish yourself as a trusted seller in a recognized marketplace.

  • Monetize unused items: Declutter your space and earn money by selling unwanted items.

Ready to explore the world of eBay art? Check out my shop here! 

Link to eBay art shop



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