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The Printable Christmas Planner That Will Help You Have The Best Christmas Ever

Here in the UK, we all know that as soon as the school holidays are over, we tend to start thinking about Christmas. It suddenly creeps up on us out of the blue and wham, It's a week before Christmas and we haven't even started buying the presents or any of the food.

With the help of the printable Christmas planner, you can be organised early, ensuring the best Christmas ever.

How this planner can help you

1/ It will help you stay organised and on track

2/ It will help you to avoid the stress and overwhelm that Christmas time can cause

3/ It will help you to focus on making the most of the holiday season and to have fun.

So what is included in the printable Christmas planner?

1/ The Christmas countdown: Twenty-four boxes to assign a task a day so that it doesn't feel so daunting. Breaking down tasks into daily chunks helps the process run more smoothly.

2/ A gift list: This will help you prioritise what needs to be bought and how much you need to spend on each gift depending on your budget.

3/ A weekly meal plan: This will help you to organise and budget for the week of Christmas. If you print more pages you can plan more weeks in advance saving you more time and your sanity.

4/ A grocery list: This will enable you to write a shopping list for all the food that you will need over the Christmas period. It will also make sure you don't steer off course and break the bank.

5/ A spend tracker: This will help you to keep a note of where your money is going and you will be able to add it all up and see how much you actually spent. This is a good idea so that you are prepared for the following Christmas so you can save the money beforehand.

6/ Gift ideas page: This will give you space to brainstorm ideas for presents that you want to buy. It is a good idea to know beforehand so that you don't panic buy and overspend at the last minute.

7/ Stocking filler ideas: This will help you with all those little extra things that you might want to buy to bulk some gifts up.

8/ Christmas movies to watch: You can jot down all those movies that you and your family want to enjoy over the holidays and make it feel like Christmas every day of the month.

9/ Christmas songs playlist: This is so you can write all your favourite Christmas songs down so you can create a playlist and fill your home with festive music.

10/ Christmas books to read: This is so you can make a note of any books that you want to read over the holidays. Now that you have Christmas organised you will have lots of time to read and relax by yourself or with the kids.

11/ A notes page: This can be a page to write any notes or ideas that come up while you are planning and organising.

12/ Christmas card list: This is for all the Christmas cards you want to give out so that you know beforehand how many you need to buy.

printable Christmas cards

Some extra Christmassy tips

  • Start planning early to get things off to a good start.

  • Be realistic about your budget so you don't land yourself with a huge debt in January.

  • Be flexible and willing to change your plans if you need to.

When I started using this Christmas planner last year I was amazed at how organised it made me. I wasn't stressed like I was the previous year because I had it all mapped out in front of me. I knew how much money I needed and where it was all going. It also helped me to have the best Christmas ever and this year will be the same, but even better.

As you can see, using a printable Christmas planner can help you to stay organised and on track, avoid stress and overwhelm and make the most of the holiday season.

To get the planner for yourself just click the button below and start planning your best Christmas.


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