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Preserve your art with quality frames

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The walls in your home, adorned with vibrant canvases, faded photographs, and prints tell stories and capture cherished moments. These treasured pieces of art deserve more than just a place to hang. They deserve to be protected against the elements of your home. This is where the frame comes in, to safeguard the art that you love.

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Choosing a quality frame isn’t just about aesthetics you want to preserve your art, though the perfect frame can undoubtedly elevate a piece to new heights. It’s about protecting it, ensuring its colors stay vibrant, textures remain crisp, and memories refuse to fade. But navigating the world of frames can feel overwhelming at times. so where do you begin?

Consider the frame as a fortress, its materials the defensive bricks.

Materials to consider:

Solid wood: This is a timeless choice that boasts longevity and stability.

Metals: metals like aluminium offer modern sleekness and lightness but beware of potential condensation issues.

Composites: These are blends of wood and synthetic materials that combine affordably with practicality, though their long-term stability may be a question.


Next is the glass that protects the art:

Glass: This is the classic option because it offers pristine clarity but at the same time, carries the risk of glare and fragility.

Acrylic: This option is lighter, shatter-resistant, and offers UV protection and peace of mind, though static build-up can be a minor problem.

Museum-grade options exist if your budget can allow for the ultra-protection.

Adding a mat to the interior of your frame will add an extra touch of security. Not only does it prevent your art from directly touching the frame’s glass, but it also usually guides the eye toward the heart of the piece. Choose archival-quality materials, and don’t be afraid to play with size and color to complement your artwork and add a touch of personal flair.


Finally, the back of the frame. This part of the frame can be overlooked but shouldn’t be dismissed. Archival cardboard provides a sturdy barrier against dust and moisture, while a dust-tight closure ensures the interior remains unspoiled.

Choosing the right frame is personal to each person. It needs to look aesthetically pleasing and at the same time offer the right protection.

Consider the type of artwork you wish to frame. A delicate watercolor calls for a different protection than a robust oil painting. Age and value play a role too, dictating the level of investment needed. Environmental factors like sunlight and humidity can also influence your choice of materials. And of course, your style deserves a choice. The frame should complement the artwork, not overpower it.

Ultimately, spending money on a quality frame is an investment in the timeless. It’s a declaration of love for the art on your walls, a promise to future generations, that the stories and memories will endure. It is more than just a place to hang but a legacy.


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