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How to use stickers in your planner

I have been using stickers in my planner for a few years now.

I love opening it up and seeing the pretty page spreads I have created.

But why use stickers in the first place?

Here are six ways you can use stickers in your planner.

1/ Organising your life

You can use stickers to organise your day, week, month or year by using functional stickers.

Functional stickers are:

  • Memo boxes

  • Check lists

  • Reminders

  • Dots

  • To do’s

  • Sidebar stickers

  • Etcs

These stickers are for reminders, to do lists, tasks that need to be done and so much more.

If you are beginning on your journey with planner stickers then I would definitely begin with functional stickers to get you started.

2/ Keeping track

Stickers can also be used to track certain aspects of your life, be it reading, drinking more water or a sleep tracker.

They are similar to functional stickers but you can get cute little water droplets to track your water intake, tiny books to track your reading and so on.

Designing some book stickers is next on my agenda.

3/ Hiding mistakes

I have made so many mistakes in my planner. Either scruffy writing, untidy lines, spilt ink, you name it I have probably done it. It used to get me down but not anymore. I just cover the little mishaps with a suitable sticker.

4/ Motivation

I always like to use a motivational quote or phrase in my page spreads. That way I am uplifted everytime I read my planner pages.

There are so many great motivational stickers on Etsy. I used to buy mine from Etsy but now I create them myself.

5/ For sheer joy

If you are like me, then you probably love pretty stationery. I use stickers and washi tape in my planner to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Stickers add colour and personality to otherwise boring pages and I would be lost without them.

6/ Filling empty spaces

I like to fill empty white spaces in my planner with stickers. My favourite way to do this is by using my “Fashion Girl” stickers.

I also use florals, quote stickers and washi tape to bring the blank pages to life.

If you would like to see more of my printable stickers, then head over to my Etsy shop and have a browse.

Plus, if you sign up to the VIP newsletter, you will get a free printable floral sticker page as a thank you.


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