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How to create a custom planner for working from home: a guide to Printables

a cute planner on a desk

Having an effective planner while working from home is important in so many ways:

  • It keeps you organised

  • You can keep track of events and tasks

  • It keeps you motivated

  • It keeps you focused

  • Everything is in one place

I have tried all sorts of planners in the past, from bullet journals, and hardback journals to discbound planners and more. I have loved using all of them, however, nothing beats the planner that you can create just for yourself.

This is where printable planners come in: printable planners are affordable and come in lots of different designs and styles, and once you have them saved in a file, you can print them out as many times as you want.

Another great thing about printable planners is that when you get tired of a particular style you can change it up without breaking the bank.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a guide to creating your own custom planner using printables.

So where do you start?

1/ Check out the planners that I have in my Etsy shop.

I am always adding more printable products to the site so be sure to follow the shop to be notified when new items are listed. Also, you can subscribe to the V.I.P club for even more tips, blog posts, and coupon codes and as a thank you you will get a free printable daily planner.

link to download free daily planner

2/ Choose your layout:

There are many different planner layouts available, so it's important to choose the one that will work for your needs. Consider factors such as your work style, your personal preferences and the amount of space you will need on the planner page. Some popular layouts include daily planners, weekly planners, monthly planners and goal planners.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Year at a glance

  • Social media content

  • Trackers

  • Income and expenditure

  • To-do lists etc

3/ Write a list:

It is a good idea to write a list of what you would want in your ideal planner.

An example would like like this:

So now that you have your list written, what next?

printable work from home planner

4/ Start collecting:

This is the fun bit. Say, for example, you decide to buy all your printable planner pages from one place like Etsy.

You look on Etsy and start adding the planner files to your Etsy cart. It doesn't matter if you buy a daily planner printable from one seller and a meal planner from another. The main thing is that you choose the planner pages that you like and want to use.

Also be aware that you can buy planner bundles, which will contain most of the pages from your list, therefore saving you more money.

Once you have all the planner printables you need, you just click buy now and within minutes those files will be sent to your email address and will be waiting for you to print off.

Remember to save all the files in a place where you will be able to access them again at a later date.

5/ Start customising:

You can now start arranging your planner pages in a way that suits your needs.

For example:

  • In a ring binder

  • In a discbound planner

  • Cut out and stuck into a bullet journal.

I use a discbound planner that I created myself. (Read this blog post for info on discbound planners). This system suits my style and preference and it works perfectly for me at the moment.

Now you can add stickers to your planner pages to make them personal to you. You can also add doodles, drawings, quotes, or whatever you want to make it aesthetically pleasing to you.

Keep your planner on your desk while you are working and refer to it throughout the day.


As you can see, creating your own custom planner is a great way to stay organised and productive. Printable planners are a flexible and affordable option, and there are many different templates to choose from.

By following the steps in this blog post, you can create a custom planner that is perfect for your needs.

Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to create a planner. The most important thing is to find a system that helps you to stay organised and productive.

Also, don't forget to join the V.I.P club here:

link to download a free printable planner


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