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How to buy the right frame for your art

A desk with art and ornaments on top


Picture this: You have just received the piece of art that you bought online, and you are eager to hang it up. Before you rush to get it on the nearest wall, take a moment to consider the perfect frame. The frame that will elevate it to its fullest potential.


Considerations when buying a frame:


The first step in finding the right frame is understanding the type of artwork it is. Is it a delicate watercolour painting that calls for a subtle, understated frame?

White picture frame

Or is it a bold, abstract canvas that demands a frame that matches its energy? Also consider the colours, style, and overall mood of the artwork to determine the tone of the frame that will complement it seamlessly.

Photo frame kit

Here are a few more things you may need to think about:

  1. Frame styles should match the overall aesthetic of your home.

  2. Traditional frames can exude elegance and timeless beauty.

  3. Contemporary frames reflect cutting-edge design elements.

  4. A frame that is too small will make the artwork appear cramped and disproportional.

  5. A frame that is too small will overpower the image.

  6. A Mat Board, the white or coloured board that separates the artwork from the frame, plays a significant role in enhancing the overall presentation. The color of the mat board can complement or contrast with the artwork and the frame, adding depth and dimension. Experiment with different colors to find the perfect match.

Where to buy frames

There are many places for buying frames for your art and it depends on your budget. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. An online retailer, such as Amazon has a wide variety of frames available, and I have bought some great frames for my art from them. I also use easy frame for mat boards for my artwork but they have some lovely frames available too. Some major department stores have websites full of beautiful frames to choose from.

  2. Local art shops usually have a section filled with frames at reasonable prices.

  3. Local framers are a great choice if your budget is not an issue. They will give expert advice and use high-quality materials.

  4. Shops on the high street are a great choice if you don’t mind mass-produced frames.

  5. Second-hand shops, charity shops, and antique shops are also good places to find affordable frames.


Extra tips for framing your art:

  • Use acid-free materials when framing for the longevity of your piece.

  • Matboards will add depth and dimension to the artwork.

  • Protect artwork from dust and sunlight with UV-resistant glass.


Framing is essential for protecting and preserving artwork. Choose a frame that compliments the artwork and your home décor. Framing is a worthwhile investment that can enhance the value of your art.


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