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Decorate Your Home Office Walls for Success: Top Trends of 2024

Shuttered office

Ever since the Pandemic, working from home has become increasingly popular, and many businesses have encouraged their staff to work from home several days a week.

In this blog post, I will give you an insight into the design trends of 2024 and how you can incorporate them into your work-from-home office walls.

TREND ONE: Art that inspires you.

Having art on the walls of your office matters for a multitude of reasons, impacting both your productivity and well-being.

Art can boost creativity and inspiration by giving visual stimulation and emotional connection. Thus, sparking new ideas, breaking up the monotony of staring at a screen all day, and inspiring positive emotions.

Choosing inspiring art can enhance mood and well-being. When you introduce calming landscapes or uplifting colours into your workspace, they can lower anxiety and create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Inspiring art can improve productivity and focus by drawing your attention away from unwanted distractions like clutter.

Overall, having art in your home office is more than just decoration: It’s an investment in your creative energy, well-being, and professional success. So, choose pieces that speak to you, embrace the art that inspires you, and watch your office space transform into a vibrant and productive one.

painted landscape

Here are some examples of inspiring art that is currently on trend:

Neo-surrealism: This dreamlike style reimagines surrealism with contemporary themes and techniques. Think distorted perspectives, unexpected juxtapositions, and dreamlike narratives.

Hyperrealism: Pushing the boundaries of photo-realism, hyperrealism aims to create art that’s indistinguishable from real life. Look for incredibly detailed paintings, sculptures, and photographs that blur the lines between reality and representation.

Glitch art: Embracing digital imperfections, glitch art uses visual glitches and distortions to create unique and often unsettling aesthetics (if that’s your thing).

Textile art: Weaving embroidery, and macrame are finding new life in contemporary art. Look for large-scale woven tapestries, intricate embroidered portraits, or sculptural installations made from recycled textiles.

Brutalist architecture: The raw and imposing elements of brutalist architecture are motivating artists to create sculptures, paintings, and even installations that celebrate the beauty of exposed concrete, bold geometric shapes, and industrial textures.

Sustainable art: With growing environmental awareness, artists are increasingly using recycled materials, upcycled objects, and natural elements to create thought-provoking pieces that address sustainability and climate change.

Augmented reality and digital art: Blurring the lines between physical and digital, augmented reality art overlays digital elements onto physical spaces.

Abstract expressionism: This classic style is enjoying a resurgence, with artists exploring themes of spontaneity, emotion, and unconscious expression through bold brush strokes, vibrant colours, and dynamic compositions.

Abstract art

Pop-art remix: Inspired by the classic era, contemporary pop art reinterprets popular culture, consumerism, and technology with fresh perspectives and diverse techniques.

Brutalist Landscapes: Taking inspiration from the stark beauty of industrial landscapes, artists are creating paintings, photographs and instalments that capture the ruggedness of abandoned factories, quarries, and power plants.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find art that speaks to you personally. The most important thing is to surround yourself with pieces that “you” love and find inspiring.

TREND TWO: Earthy neutrals:

Earthy neutrals have a unique ability to both calm and ground us, creating a sense of peace and stability within our spaces.

Imagine working in an office, surrounded by walls painted in a warm terracotta hue. The rich, grounded tones envelop you, drawing your focus inward and quieting the external noise. They evoke the natural world, reminding us of sun-baked deserts, lush forests, and the calming solidity of earth.

These colours act like a visual sigh of relief, a gentle pause from the bright, stimulating world we often navigate. Their muted palettes lack jarring contrasts, instead offering a harmonious blend that soothes the eye and eases the mind. Just like walking barefoot on soft sand, earthy neutrals encourage relaxation and release tension, inviting us to be present in the moment.

Furthermore, their connection to nature provides a sense of grounding. We subconsciously associate these colours with stability, permanence, and the enduring resilience of the earth. They offer a reassuring anchor in a world that can often feel chaotic and unpredictable. Stepping into a space bathed in earthy neutrals is like taking a deep breath in a fragrant forest, leaving us feeling connected to something larger than ourselves, rooted in something solid and unchanging.

Here are a few examples of earthy neutrals:


  • Burnt sienna: A deep reddish-brown, evoking sun-baked clay and autumn leaves.

  • Terracotta: Warm and inviting, reminiscent of fired clay tiles and pottery.

  • Rust: A touch of aged metal, adding depth and rustic charm.

  • Golden sand: Sun-kissed and subtle, bringing the warmth of the beach indoors.

  • Honey taupe: A mellow blend of beige and brown, exuding comfort and sophistication.


  • Olive green: Deep and calming, like a lush forest canopy or mossy stone.

  • Sage green: Soft and airy, reminiscent of delicate herbs and springtime meadows.

  • Mushroom grey: Earthy and grounded, adding a touch of mystery and elegance.

  • Taupe with grey undertones: A cool neutral, versatile, and calming for both modern and traditional spaces.

  • Griege: A sophisticated blend of grey and beige, creating a subtle earthiness.


  • Stonewashed linen: Pale and textured, evoking a sense of natural simplicity.

  • Sandy beige: Warm and light, reminiscent of sun-bleached coastal dunes.

  • Oatmeal: A cosy and versatile neutral, perfect for creating a peaceful ambience.

  • Cream with green undertones: Softly cool and refreshing. Like a meadow bathed in morning light.

  • Light taupe with pinkish undertones: A delicate touch of warmth, adding a subtle blush to your earthy palette.

Choosing art with these colour palettes will ground you, calm you, and make your office and home an on-trend place to be.

TREND THREE: Stylish focal points:

Transform your workspace with eye-catching elements. These will break the monotony, spark joy, and express your personality.

Maximalist botanicals: Ditch the delicate floral prints and embrace bold, oversized botanicals. Think deep greens in unexpected shapes, abstract palm leaves dripping with gold accents, or even close-up shots of flowers in vibrant, clashing colours. This trend brings drama and a touch of jungle chic to your space.

Neon dreamscapes: Channel your inner-city goddess with a statement neon piece. Go for playful quotes like, “Hustle with heart,” or motivational phrases like, “dream big, work hard.” You can even personalise it with your initials or company logo. The vibrant glow will not only add instant ambience but also make a powerful statement.

Textural tile-scapes: Mosaics of geometric patterns in metallic hues, textured terracotta mosaics in earthy tones.

Up-cycled vintage finds: Go green and stylish with a collection of vintage art finds. Mismatched picture frames with botanical prints, old maps repurposed as abstract art, or even vintage advertisements cleverly arranged as collages.

TREND FOUR: Embracing nature:

Bring the outdoors in for a sense of peace and connection, to reduce stress, boost creativity, and promote well-being.

Here are some trendy ways to embrace nature with art:

Abstract landscapes: Ditch traditional nature photography and go for bold, abstract landscapes. Think mountain-scape swirls in unexpected colours, textured brush strokes depicting forests, or even aerial photography reimagined with graphic patterns.

Botanical boho chic: Elevate your space with oversized botanical prints featuring exotic leaves in vibrant colour palettes.

Geometric foliage: Embrace the modern trend of geometric shapes by opting for wall art highlighting stylised leaves, flowers, or cacti in bold outlines and unexpected angles. Think metallic triangles echoing leaf veins or neon hexagons framing delicate blossoms.

Nature-inspired murals: Get creative and paint your large-scale nature-inspired mural. Think abstract sunrise hues, silhouetted mountain ranges, or even close details of flowers or leaves in bold playful colours.

So, whether you crave the inspiration of bold, dreamlike art, find solace in the grounding vibes of earthy neutrals, or want to unleash your inner-city goddess with a neon statement piece, there's a 2024 trend for you.

Don't forget to embrace nature – bring the outdoors in with captivating landscape prints or unleash your inner artist with a nature-inspired mural. Remember, your home office is your sanctuary, so make it a canvas for your personality and a haven for your creativity.

With these trends in mind, get ready to transform your home office into a space that is not only stylish and on-trend, but also one that fuels your productivity inspires your creativity, and keeps you feeling calm and grounded throughout the workday.






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