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Affordable Art for Your Office: Creating an Inspiring Workspace on a Budget

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Hey there! Are you looking to spruce up your office without draining your wallet? Well, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, I'll share some fantastic tips on how to find affordable art that will breathe life into your workspace. Let's get started!

I'm not talking about original art (although if you can afford it, go for it!). I'm here to guide you in finding stunning yet affordable artwork that will work wonders for your office, whether it's at home or in a shared space. So, let's explore a variety of budget-friendly options that will help you create the office of your dreams.

  1. Prints: Don't fret if you can't afford an original piece from your favorite artist. Often, artists offer prints at a much lower price. Simply find a suitable frame, and voila!

  2. Charity Shops: Believe it or not, charity shops can be treasure troves for finding great art at ridiculously low prices. Even if the frame looks dated, you can always reframe it to suit your office's aesthetic.

  3. Junk Shops: Similar to charity shops, junk shops hold hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Explore these shops and stumble upon some fantastic pieces of art to adorn your workspace.

  4. Art Fairs: Oh, how I love art fairs! Whether it's a small local fair or a large-scale event in the city center, art fairs offer unique opportunities to find bargains and connect with up-and-coming artists.

  5. Craft Fairs: While craft fairs are more focused on handcrafted items, you can occasionally find lovely prints that can be framed and displayed in your office.

  6. Auctions: Although I don't attend auctions as often as I used to, they shouldn't be overlooked. You can score some incredible bargains if you keep an eye out and resist the addictive bidding process.

  7. The High Street: Explore various stores on the high street, and you might stumble upon mass-produced art that catches your eye. Just be aware that your next-door neighbor might have the same piece!

  8. Etsy: Ah, the wonders of Etsy! I recently spent an afternoon scrolling through Etsy and discovered a treasure trove of affordable art. You can even set your budget beforehand to narrow down your options. Don't forget to check out my Etsy store for some inspiration!

  9. Social Media: Thank goodness for social media! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are home to countless artists. Simply type in "artist" in the search bar and explore the amazing artwork available. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more creative inspiration!

  10. Sales: Yes, even artists have sales! Keep an eye out for January sales or mid-season promotions, where you might find great deals on artwork. I occasionally offer sales as well, so stay tuned!

  11. Payment Plans: Don't hesitate to inquire about payment plans, especially for original pieces. Many galleries and artists offer flexible payment options, making it easier to invest in that one-of-a-kind artwork you adore.

  12. Commission: Commissioning an artist to create an original piece doesn't have to break the bank. Communicate your budget with the artist, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities.

Now that we've explored various ways to find affordable art, let's discuss how to choose the right pieces for your office. Take a moment to glance around your office space. Do you see any artwork on the walls? Does the environment inspire you and cultivate a "go-getter" attitude, or does it leave you feeling uninspired?

White desk against a white wall

Consider asking yourself these five questions to find the perfect art for your office:

  1. Who's office is this? Determine if you share the office with others or have the luxury of a personal workspace. Collaborate with your coworkers to gather ideas and preferences, or enjoy the freedom of selecting artwork solely for your own enjoyment.

  2. How large is your budget? Set a clear budget for purchasing artwork. Whether it's £100 or more, knowing your limit will guide your shopping decisions.

  3. How much space is available? Consider the size of your office and the available wall space. A larger office might accommodate multiple smaller pieces, while a smaller space may benefit from a statement piece.

  4. What colors would suit you or your co-workers? Different colors evoke various emotions and can influence productivity. Choose colors that align with the mood you want to create, such as blue for productivity, red for urgency, or green for balance and growth.

  5. What first impression do you want to make? Consider your personality and your brand's identity. Select artwork that reflects your values and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Remember, the process of finding affordable art for your office should be enjoyable. Take the time to research, save up your pennies, and explore the diverse avenues available to you. Trust me; there's a beautiful piece of art waiting to enhance your workspace!

So, are you ready to embark on this artistic journey? If you're seeking inspiration and affordable art, don't forget to check out my Etsy shop for a delightful collection of pieces that will transform your office into an oasis of creativity.

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