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3 tips for buying and printing stickers from home

You can buy stickers for almost anything these days, but I mainly use them for journaling and planning.

Stickers can, however, be expensive, especially if you use them all the time like me. That is why i use printable stickers.

Below are 3 tips on how to buy and print great stickers from the comfort of your home.

1/ Decide on the right paper for you.

  • Do you want to write on the stickers? eg. Like decorative boxes for your planner or labels for your storage needs.

  • A matt paper would be ideal for these.

  • The glossy sticker paper is ideal for stickers that you don't want to write on like the stickers in the gallery above. But their is nothing wrong with printing them on matt paper too.

This is the paper that I use mostly as I do like the glossy finish.

2/ Printing

When you buy your sticker paper, make sure that it is the right one for your printer. Inkjet paper must be used for an inkjet printer and a laser paper for a laser printer. (Unless otherwise stated in product description as some papers can be used for both).

This is the printer I am currently using for printing my stickers at home.

3/ Where to buy the printable sticker pages

I have only really bought printable stickers from Etsy but I create and sell them on the site too.

Get a free printable sticker page when you sign up to the VIP club. Just click the image below.


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